If you or your group or your business needs a place to announce things, and nothing more than a news letter is needed, then Nyoboo is the place to be. Nyoboo is a digital notice board for your business or community. With it you can within minutes create a channel, and start adding messages to it. People who are subscribed to your channel will receive those messages in email and / or in RSS feed.

Nyboo provides certain services around your channel and messages like one will be able to search for your channel, it dispatches email to your subscribers, people who are subscribed in feed will get get their feeds updated. We will soon integrate twitter publishing into Nyoboo too.

It should be noted that Nyoboo is still very much in beta.

Why we created nyoboo?

We are a bunch of web developers, to our surprise we found out that our clients really don’t need a website, but all they need is a channel for controlled announcements and a way to tell their followers they have announced something. This was the inspiration behind Nyoboo.

Privacy for subscribers

Nyboo never lets the channel owners know who are subscribed to their channel. We feel subscriber privacy is important. If one does not want to submit his or her email to Nyoboo, one can always use the RSS feed to maintain greater level of anonymity.

Contacts and feedback

One may contact Karthikeyan A K via 77minds@gmail.com or use @nyoboo on twitter to reach us.