nyoboo is a place where a freelancer could list himself or herself and hope to be hired. There are lot of freelancer sites, but they don't let the world see your phone, email and where you live just like a telephone directory would, that's stupid. So nyoboo was born as an antidote to this stupidity.

"What about spamming?" one would ask, and I would ask "what about the anti spam and blocking features you have?". The only thing you may need to worry about is your disgruntled client sending a parcel bomb.

what will happen?

Because of nyoboo, people who want to get their dreams done, can contact developers directly via email or phone, or some one could pop into your home and know more about you.

Billing can be done outside nyoboo. We don't want to know how much money you make and get commission out of it. That's not our job.

We believe finding local, and nearby talent is better, even if the talent is remote, we believe contacting directly is far better than contacting via a big brother platform.