A Page Just For You

The place where you work is known to many. People recognize your profession as important, but do they recognize you? Are they able to search you and contact you unless they pay for a professional website? No.

Nyoboo breaks that barrier. It let's any one contacting you directly with any intermediary in between. It guides you intuitively to create your own personal website that's visible to the world.

We give a page for you and freedom to any person to contact you because we feel you deserve it.

A Shareable Profile

You can share your Nyoboo page with any one, they need not go through logins and pay walls. They will see the information what you intend them to see.


Nyoboo is a networking site too, it let's you connect with similar professionals. Our tools enable you to find people of your profession with ease, meetup and exchange ideas.

Communication Without Hindrance

We do not place restriction on communication like other websites, that's not our business model. We believe professional networking should be without hindrance.